Janus - Therapy For Change & Educational Psychotherapy Services based in Cheshire is an independent Psychotherapy, Holistic Counselling & Training Service providing a broad range of Interventions, Training and Consultancy.

Working With

  • Individuals of all ages
  • Local Authority Children’s Service & Schools
  • Private Companies
  • Charities
  • Secure Institutions
  • Education Action Zones

Janus founder, John Quigley qualified as a Therapist in the early '90s. Since then he has been running a private and corporate practice. In 2001 he was invited to work for 6 weeks in a Liverpool school to see if his type of interventions would make a difference with a specific group of students. After the 6 week 'trial' period he was asked to continue his work in the school as a Holistic Counsellor & Therapist, and to take his work into other primary and secondary schools, 6th form colleges, student support centres and social inclusion units, with pupils, parents and staff.

John has a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy, is a Mnemodynamic Therapist, Emotional Therapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with a background founded in a broad base of complementary therapies which gives him additional insight into the underlying cause of behaviour patterns and issues.

For many years, John has studied Neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to 're-wire' and adapt itself, he uses neurodevelopmental movement and Energy Psychology techniques to help bring about change.

Energy Psychology (also known as cognitive somatic practices) is a family of mind-body methods that rapidly reduce stress and trauma while increasing calm. Calming the body (where stress is stored) is a missing key to unlocking rapid change.

Energy Psychology (EP) methods combine cognitive interventions with somatic techniques that influence the human bio-energy systems such as meridians, chakras and the biofield to elevate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These approaches are particularly useful when working with retained primitive reflexes and sensory integration issues. Aswell as the latest neuro-science research, many of these techniques draw on very ancient martial arts within Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

As well as engaging in one to one therapy sessions with pupils, staff and parents, John has run weekly training for learning mentors and teaching assistants, Inset Day training sessions, weekend courses for staff, and has delivered “Peace of Mind” courses for parents (validated by John Moores University) with a six to ten week duration.

John travels extensively in the UK and overseas running courses and workshops on all aspects of his work - for a number of years he was a trainer for a leading International school, teaching Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy to Post Graduate level, subsequently being awarded a Fellowship by the school’s governing body.

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